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The Rhodopian Mountain

The Rhodopes is one of the oldest Bulgarian mountains. In the past it was inhabited by Thracian tribes whose settlements and tombs can be seen today. The amazingly beautiful scenery of the Rhodopes, which once inspired the mythical Thracian singer Orpheus, in present days attracts thousands of tourists from all parts of the world. The mountain is characterized by hilly landscape, stunning river gorges and caves with whimsical karst formations. The Rhodopes boast exceptionally good conditions for skiing and spa tourism.

Spa and ski in the Rhodopes

Pamporovo is a first-class ski resort located in the central part of the Rhodopes. The sunny, mild winter and the thick snow-cover provide for the excellent conditions for skiing in Pamporovo. The resort disposes of cutting-edge ski equipment which guarantees maximum satisfaction of your skiing experience. The hotels in Pamporovo vary in rating and prices but our site allows fast orientation and easy reservation. You can instantly book a hotel in Pamporovo which best matches your style and preferences. To diversify your stay in Pamporovo make a trip to the picturesque village of Stoykite, situated not far from the resort. Another option is to visit the Bachkovo Monastery also situated close to the resort. Devin and Velingrad are popular spa resorts in the Rhodopes, with numerous wellness centres where highly-qualified therapists carry out various spa procedures. The influence of the Mediterranean climate and the curative power of the mineral springs attract thousands of visitors with different diseases and disorders.

The Rhodopian villages Shiroka Luka, Gela and Trigrad

The villages of Shiroka Luka, Gela and Trigrad are situated close to one another in the central part of the Rhodopian mountains. Annually, in the beginning of August, they host bagpipe festivals which attract Bulgarian and international participants and many tourists. The village of Gela has been inhabited since deep Antiquity by rich Thracian families. Today it is a beautiful village whose inhabitants keep the rural way of life with farming and stock-breeding. The crystal-clear air in this region of the Rhodopes and the mild climate, influenced by the Mediterranean, make Gela an extremely favourable place for tourists with lung diseases. It is an ideal option for those who want to escape urban life for their holiday and retreat to a calm, secluded place in the Rhodopes. Shiroka Luka is a museum-village which has been declared an architectural and ethnographic reserve. The steep weaving streets and the houses with typical architecture have been preserved from the Bulgarian Revival Period. Each year in the beginning of March there is a holiday in Shiroka Luka with ritual Koukeri dances. Men from all parts of the Rhodopian mountain gather in the village, dressed in fur-hides and masked as monsters. Their dances are believed to ward off the evil spirits of winter and to bring health to the people and fertility to the land. The Yagodina cave and the Devilís Throat cave are situated in close proximity to the village of Trigrad. The Yagodina Cave is an enormous five-level labyrinth with incredible rock formations. Parts of it have been inhabited by the people of the Eneolithic Age, the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. The Devilís Throat cave is connected to many legends. It is believed to be the entrance to the underground kingdom of Hades where Orpheus went to save his beloved Euridyce.

Archaeological findings in the Rhodopes

Perpericon is an amazingly big Thracian settlement, discovered recently by archeologists on a hill in the Eastern part of the Rhodopes, close to the town of Kardjali. Archaeologists are still working on the site and are discovering new parts of the city. Up to now a magnificent palace, a shrine of Dionysus , a citadel and an ancient acropolis have been unearthed. The infrastructure in the region is constantly being improved as Perpericon is expected to become a major tourist destination in Bulgaria due to its magnitude and historical significance. The Shrine of Orpheus, situated on a hill near the village of Tatoul, is another important finding dating back to the Thracian period. There is a hypothesis that the grave on the top of the hill belongs to the Thracian king Orpheus.